Sew Powerful : How Purses Make An Impact

As part of our vision, Teal In Love will be supporting a charitable organization that we believe is making an impact in our world.  We have chosen to support Sew Powerful

We discovered this organization about a year ago on Instagram and we have been following their story since.  We love the stories and we see the impact that they have been making in Zambia.  With their permission, we wanted to share some of their stories and the works that they are doing. 


Big Mission Behind Little Purses

They exist to educate, employ, and empower people to pursue life in all its fullness. We do that by creating purposeful products that change communities. Things like school uniforms, soap, feminine hygiene pads, and farm fresh food.

The organization is owned and managed by a beautiful couple, Jason and Cinnamon Miles.  You can read about their story here: Our Story

Sew Powerful Purse Program does a couple of things:

  • A Sewing Cooperative in Ngombe (the worst slum in Lusaka) where seamstresses create school uniforms (that the parents pay for) and feminine hygiene supplies (that go in the purses that the donors provide). The seamstresses are paid for their work – giving them a real income – and the dignity of knowing that they are making an impact on their community. This is our CORE activity. It’s hard work.
  • Donors from around the world create purses that are delivered to the Ngombe Sewing Cooperative. This is partly an awareness / fundraising strategy (let’s be honest) and partly a way to help support and encourage the Ngombe Sewing Cooperative. It is also VERY helpful because the fabric (and time) our world-wide group of seamstresses have to contribute to the project is amazing. Of course we also need financial support. We need YOU and your abundance (and generosity) if this crazy 2-part model is going to work. We also need to encourage and support the Sewing Cooperative by involving you in the effort.


Families Matter

Not only are they assisting the children but they are also assisting their families.  They have a variety of donation programs, such as 3 Esthers Farm, and they are constantly addressing the needs of the people in Zambia.  Some examples of the other programs are: Atelier Angels, Needs Care School, and more.

Jason and Cinnamon do an amazing job of creating an awareness of the issues that the people in Zambia are facing.  We appreciate the love that they have for the people and we know that while they may be the ones on the frontlines, they need the assistance of people, like us, to support them.  We are able to get a glimpse of the impact of their work through the eyes of the families that receive their support.

Here's how to support

The information we have listed here does not showcase all of the beautiful work of this organization.  Jason and Cinnamon have created a beautiful website that we would strongly encourage you to visit to get more information.  

Thank you for checking out this page and we hope that this would inspire you to support their mission.  We know that there are a lot of organizations in the world that are impacting people in amazing ways.  And we are grateful for all of them as they give us a way to support them and to feel like we are a part of the greater mission. 

For more information please visit them at: Sew Powerful