Let Us Share Our Story

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site!  We hope that you are enjoying your shopping experience!

Teal In Love was created by my love of colorful purses.  I work with my husband of 14 plus years.  Creating this company is a dream in the making that started over a year ago.   We both work during the day and we wanted to have a way to support our family without sacrificing additional time away from each other.  We value family time and we wanted to be able to teach our children the values on how to have a successful business.  And part of those values include connecting and listening to our supporting customers!

Totes bags, in my opinion are an undervalued product.  They have been a lifesaver to me in many ways.  From using them at work while traveling between buildings in the snow, or while on a trip to Florida and needing to carry wet towels separately from the dry ones.  

In addition, I also love living in bright colors and bold print.   And our totes are no exception.  There are several places to find your typical neutral tote bag but we wanted to be able to provide to you the vibrant, colorful bag that speaks to your heart.  Move over black bag, and here comes the bold colors of the rainbow tote bags!

We have participated in several vendors shows in the past and enjoyed working with local customers.  It has been our desire to expand and have an online presence to be able to work with customers from all over the world.  We are looking forward to working with you and we hope that you enjoy our products!

We are truly grateful that you stopped by to visit.  We know that there are several options available online for you to buy your products, but know that we appreciate you choosing to support us.  

Check out the podcast interview where part of our journey is shared!