5 Reasons Why Leopard Must Be in Your Closet

Leopard prints are a true classic, and they simply never seem to go out of style. Whenever you want to add an impressive, bold, and colorful tone to your style, this is the way to go! Leopard print clothes have a long association with the glam style, and they can help you take your look over the edge. However, leopard print items can also be quite understated in the right circumstances! Keep reading to learn more about 5 of the main reasons why leopard must be in your closet.


1) It goes well with almost everything.


Leopard print is a natural theme, and for this reason, it is pretty versatile. Leopard works so well with white, black, and greyscale. However, it can work exceptionally well with some brighter, pastel-like colors as well, going for a colorful and one-of-a-kind aesthetic match.


2) Get that vintage look going!


Leopard is also a good match if you are trying to obtain a vintage look since it is a perfect match with retro stylings inspired by the 60s and the 70s. Those two decades have been incredibly influential when it comes to great fashion, and leopard print seems to be a near-constant presence! Whether you are wearing a leopard jacket over a red skirt, much like a late 70s rockstar, or having some stylish leopard-print boots over an Americana-inspired outfit, anything goes. If you are trying to achieve a retro vibe, you might have success with introducing leopard print to your wardrobe.


3) It’s great to add details to a plain outfit.


If you want to add small details to an otherwise plain outfit, leopard is the way to go. Something as simple as a small leopard wristband can truly change your entire outfit and add a bit of extra visual interest to it! Recently, we have been loving to see people sporting some leopard print socks over greyscale outfits (where black, grey, and white seem to be the most dominating colors in the mix)


4) The perfect blouse


Have you ever tried on a leopard blouse? If you thought this might be too much for you, you should reconsider and give it a go! A leopard blouse can be incredibly versatile, and more importantly, it can be a classic, yet bold choice, which speaks a lot about your confidence as an individual. If you want a more seamless look, you should try the reverse leopard (black background with orange-like stains). This really suits material like dark jeans, as well as leather, and even corduroy, if you are going for a more traditional vibe.


5) Footwear


Last but not least, you should consider some leopard print shoes! In particular, leopard heels can be stunning. They work so well with a wide variety of styles. Whether you are looking for a brighter look or a more intense style that’s great for a night out, leopard print will undoubtedly deliver. Choose leopard heels with a white bottom for a brighter approach, or go for a dark-bottomed pair for something you can wear at the club!


BONUS TIP: Leopard is a great match with gold and brass!


Leopard clothing and accessories go well with gold and brass jewelry! You should consider including some leopard in your wardrobe if you do wear a lot of jewelry and like gold!


In conclusion, this article barely scratches the surface. These are only some of the many reasons why you should consider including something with leopard prints in your closet! It could be that secret style weapon that might take your look from great to extraordinary!